About Us

TruBlu Innovations cater for individuals, small and medium businesses as well as larger enterprises with our range of services and products.

We are a human company who maintain a close, open relationship with our clients and enjoy working with them on a friendly, yet professional level. We seek to cultivate an environment where our business and our clients can achieve mutual success.

Who We Are

Monica Mans


Heilani Hoffman


TruBlu Innovations was founded by Monica Mans. Monica has been providing web and graphic design services to individuals and small to medium businesses throughout South-Africa since 2003. After finishing her studies in 2002 she started working at an ISP company as a web- and graphic designer. October 2011 she had the opportunity to start her own hosting and design company, thus TruBlu Innovations was born. Through the years she expanded to personalised products like mugs, canvasses, puzzles, mousepads, etc. In 2020 she joined hands with Heilani Hoffman and the duo expanded their personalised & branded product range even more, including jewellery, home decor, clothing, corporate gifts and more. 

November 2019, Heilani and Monica co-founded Shekinah. A creative initiative to help support local artists and spread the light of Jesus Christ through their one of kind Creative Worship Workshops. Read more about Shekinah on shekinah.org.za