Why we can’t print photos from Social Media Apps

The short answer is because the resolution is too low. We need the original photo in it’s original size.

To put this in perspective, a photo only needs to be 72dpi (resolution; dots per inch) to look good on your screen, being it your phone or pc. For print this needs to be at least 300dpi to have a great quality print. This is more than three times 72.

Shown in the image below; is how a 72dpi photo will print when set to print at the same size we would print the 300dpi photo. The 72dpi photo does not print sharp and becomes pixelated. If you are viewing this on your phone, zoom in on the images below to see the difference.

Social Media sites like Facebook automatically reduces the size and resolution of photos and images you upload. The reason is to save on data used for storing and loading of everyone’s images.

For the best possible print regarding photos, we do require the original high res photo in it’s original size. If you had a professional shoot done, you can send us the high res photo/s you received from your photographer, not the saved copy from your or their Facebook/web page. This applies the same to logos and any other images. We do require the high resolution version. By downloading any image from Facebook and to have it printed, more times than not, it will be too small and they will be pixelated when we print them. For prints smaller than our mugs, some Facebook photos can be enhanced to print on our small keyrings and jewellery, however it will not always be as sharp as when we used the original image.

Most email programs and all other social media apps, automatically reduces photos and images shared. For this reason we only accept files via TransferNow, Wetransfer or Dropbox. (use our email address info@trublu.co.za as the send to address)

YES, we can use photos taken with your smartphone. You will however need to send us the original photo from your phone. Best way to do this will be via TransferNow. Please do not send us the photos via WhatsApp or any other similar app. These photos get degraded once shared over any social media.

While we can enhance photos, we cannot upscale resolution. Unfortunately we really cannot print them if they are too small.

Remember the golden rule: original photo – original size 🙂